Saturday, 27 May 2017


Kia ora, Malo e lelei. Talofa, Bula Vinaka,
Hello and welcome back to room 9. This is our first post for 2017 and we hope to bring you many more stories about us and what we've been up to at our awesome school Leabank!!!

Here's a few tips for helping your children get through the cold weather:
1. Please make sure they come to school with a sweatshirt and shoes. It's getting pretty cold now and lots of children come to school with no sweatshirt or shoes and end up very cold at school.
2. If your children are sick please keep them at home so they don't spread their germs and make all of us sick.
3. If your children are not sick then they need to come to school.
4. Rain and wind is no reason to stay home.
5. Make sure your child has enough healthy lunch. Some children eat all their lunch at 1st break and then are hungry the rest of the day. Give them some extra sandwiches. Not more packets of chips. We all know how much more we eat in the winter. 
6. We will not be ordering juicies or fruit sticks from the lunch room until September. Those things are too cold to be eating now and most of the children are shivering and shaking while they are trying to eat them. They'd be better off with a popcorn.
7. Wear a beanie if it's particularly cold, I do.

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